LINDA DROST is a teacher & practitioner of the Rising Star Healing System & Prema Birthing. She is also, a More Truth Will Set You Free facilitator, a channel and an intuitive. She has a healing practice and is based in CT.

Her teacher is DEREK O'NEILL; a transformational therapist based in Ireland. He has devoted his life to reawakening people to their innate goodness and reintroducing unconditional love to them and to the planet. Derek is a Healer and Spiritual Teacher and Counselor, Master Teacher of the Rising Star Healing System, Yogi in the lineage of Kriya Yoga, Reiki Practitioner and a martial artist.

Derek has established the SQ FOUNDATION, which supports humanitarian efforts and delivers on promises to improve the lives of children, adults, and animals throughout the world, including India, Africa, Peru and El Salvador.
You can read about Derek, his teachings and his charitable work at
There you can also make a donation to the SQ FOUNDATION.

In 2007, Derek opened a healing center in Southeast Ireland, in Wexford County, called CREACON LODGE WELLNESS CENTRE.
This center serves as a haven for the spiritual seeker. There you can go and reflect upon who you really are, beyond the illusion and maya of everyday life. The energy of the healing center helps to awaken within you a charitable, helping, serving consciousness, and strengthens your connection to Source. For more info on Creacon, you can visit

Prema / Love Shanti / Peace Satya / Truth Dharma / Right Action Ahimsa / Non-Violence

"Linda's love, healing energy and wise guidance has proved very helpful in the short time I've known her.  The wisdom and support
I experienced from Linda and her lucid connection with Derek O'Neill was a real blessing.  I look forward to future interactions with her
and hope to take a number of her classes, which I have no doubt will be amazing and life changing."
Boulder, Colorado